Here is an exciting project Johan Swahn and Asgeir Nilsen have been involved in this winter. As part of SLU’s (The Swedish University of Agriculture) project Aquafresh, we’ve been responsible for advanced sensory testing of Swedish farmed Arctic Char, resulting in what can be likened with a chemical fingerprint of the fish. 

The research will allow aquaculture farms to refine the process and farming of fish, much like with wine, to create a specific and unique flavour profile. The results will further help educate chefs and consumers about the optimal taste and refinement of the product while simultaneously looking to promote a more sustainable choice. 

Watch the video below to find out more!

A majority of Swedish consumers focus on taste, then health and finally environmental production in their choice of sea food. In other words, in order to promote an ethical and environmentally friendly consumer choice, an excellent sensory experience of taste is a prerequisite.