How would you describe the taste of ants or grasshoppers? In a unique and exciting dissertation project, that is exactly what student Ola Albrektsson at Grythyttan - Dep. of  Culinary Arts & Meal Science, has set out to do! Johan Swahn is currently supervising Ola together with Ph.D candidate Asgeir Nilsen in his study to develop a sensory language for insects which could prove extremely relevant for our future society.

Looking at our population growth and high levels of meat consumption, humans and livestock will need to rely on alternative sources of protein in the future to meet a level of sustainability for both our planet and world health. In the search for alternative proteins insects have been identified as one of the most cost effective and highly nutritional sources. Insects have been an integral part of several cultures diets for centuries, however the Western world is still mostly sceptical to the idea. By developing a sensory language for insects, much like the work that has been done for wine, tomatoes and leafy greens, we hope to help drive a paradigm shift from an unthinkable ingredient to a dietary staple.