In December we wrote an article in the Swedish magazine Mattrender (Food trends) about the consumer shift towards non-alcoholic beverages and it's growing market, touching on the prevailing trends, flavours and innovations of the future. 

Consumers, and especially Millennials, are more health-conscious and actively seeking beverages that not only quench one's thirst but are also healthier and offer added functional benefits. Whether you are fine dining or enjoying a casual lunch date you can now find an abundance of non-alcoholic beverages to choose from when you want something to drink when you're not drinking.

Although the concept was pioneered by Rene Redzepi and Noma years ago, we are only recently seeing a mass following. Sommeliers are re-focusing their knowledge and palate to the complicated process of brewing and fermenting their own non-alcoholic drinks made up of teas, nut milks, juices and infusions suitable for extravagant food pairings. Here are some of our current favourite producers and restaurants that offer exciting alternatives:

  • SEEDLIP - the world's first copper pot distilled non-alcoholic spirits. With their Spice 94 and Garden 108 you can whip up sophisticated tonics and martinis without the headache the next morning.
  • ICA SELECTION MINERAL WATER WITH A HINT OF RIESLING GRAPE - the grape lends a crisp tonality of Riesling to the water. It's a unique product that Johan Swahn helped develop with Swedish grocery store chain ICA through a sensory science research project together with Ph.D candidate Asgeir Nilsen at Dep. of Culinary Arts and Meal Science in Grythyttan.
  • JUICE SERVED HERE, Los Angeles - this juice bar serves an awesome Charcoal Lemonade, which is both hydrating and detoxifying. It pairs great with spicy and fatty flavours like creamy avocado, and fulfils those added functional benefits that Millennials seek.
  • ATERA, New York - try Champine, their champagne equivalent brewed from pine needles as part of the "temperance pairing".
  • AGRIKULTUR, Stockholm - the sommelier Daniella Lundh Egenäs is serious about non-alcoholic alternatives and creates high quality beverages like kombucha to pair with the seasonally focused menu. 
  • THE CLOVE CLUB, London - their "soft-pairing" offers an array of juices, teas and tonics to perfectly complement each dish.